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Good day everyone. On this episode, we are glad to have another developer with us. He is a community builder, a man of many talents, a leader, and quite the comic. It's our pleasure to introduce Sodiq Akinjobi, GeekTutor.

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Sodiq Akinjobi, 22. Based in Lagos, Nigeria. A WordPress expert, community builder(DSC, ECX, Kwarabuild just a few to mention), Flutter developer, and an amazing cook. I also enjoy football and support the Blues.

I am also a social person

A blues supporter, man of culture. We know that you serve as both the DSC and ECX lead of the prestigious University of Lagos, what made you see these roles as a calling and have there been any regrets since taking it up?

To be honest, I didn’t see them as a calling. For DSC, I was a part of Hope(who was my predecessor) team and she did an amazing job. When applications for the new cohort opened, different members of her team applied and I was just lucky to get selected. With the support of my amazing heroes team, we’ve been able to go a notch higher.

For ECX, my friend and predecessor, Mayowa reached out to me (I was Administrative Coordinator/Head of IT for the first edition) and asked me to lead the 2nd edition. After conversations with a few friends, because I really doubted I would be able to run it with DSC, I’m glad I decided to do it. My team has been amazing every step of the way.

I don’t think I regret anything either big or small. I can say I’ve learned a lot of things and the knowledge I have gained is really shaping me into being one of the best persons of myself.

That's quite the behind the scenes. What is the most difficult problem you have had to face so far as a community lead?

Keeping up. A lot of people reach out to me everyday and want more of my time but I can't give that so I am usually blunt and straight to the point.

What program/project are you most proud of to have organized?

The Next Conference, we organized a four day event for 978 participants in June with no budget. We had 5 days or so of planning and my amazing team pulled it off. Another project I am proud of is DSC Study Groups, having people come together in small groups and aiming for the same goal is always a joy to behold.

Why the name Babalawo, Fluzzzard and the popular Baby boy? How did you get these nicknames?

As a handsome young developer who does WP, I typically wear my local attire to events and people started calling me Babablawo. I liked it and decided to stick with it.

I was working on a simple profile application with Flutter and I put Flutter Wizard in the bio section, then Sam Abada mentioned why not Fluzzard. That was how the name was born.

I usually append Baby Boy to the messages I send to my team and since then, it has gotten outside.

You've been in the position to make final decisions,what influences you the most?

The effect of my decisions on people. I can't favour everyone but at least I make sure the effect on the minority isn't really felt.

How do you stay energized and focused on an average working day??

I take a lot of breaks and I listen to music. I typically work for 30 mins, play for 5-10mins, repeat.

So as a person with so much responsibilities, what do you look for, or what do you think is an essential trait of a core team member you would have as support?

Stepping up and Communication. You do not need to know how to do everything but you need to be able to step up and take responsibility when there is a gap to be filled due to unavailability of a team member or when something isn't working. I also think it is very important to be able to communicate in clear terms.

Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Mac. I just can't afford it yet.

I am sure a lot of people would beg to differ. What is your idea of relaxation?

Travelling and exploring the world.

Do you have a role model in Tech?

Nil, don't have any.

Do you think tech has anyways affected your love life, if yes, Why, and How?


What is your go-to romantic line?


I am sure there's someone out there who would be swept of her feet by that word. What does love mean to you? Is it a motivation, a distraction or a side attraction?

Love shows me that I can commit to giving my best to something or someone without losing my sanity. It is a motivation.

Do you believe in Always and Forever?


What do you first look for in a partner?

Sense. Do you have sense?

May we all have sense. Finally, what word of advice do you have for other community body leads and the lead that would come after you?

Give your team the opportunity to soar, be innovative and learn from mistakes. We rise by lifting others.

Thank you for geeking out with us, pun intended. Its been great getting to know you, and we hope to hear more from you.

The honor is all mine

Thank you for reading our interview with Sodiq. It was indeed enlightening and entertaining. Join us again tomorrow as we once again we peer into the heart of another lead. To follow up on Sodiq, you can check out his various handles on his various platforms below.



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